Publishing Summit


Are you ready for an event designed to assist you in reaching your Publishing Goals?

For many of us, there’s a story in our hearts and mind and truthfully, it won’t see the light of day until we make a decision to finish it, upload it to a book site and press the “publish” button releasing it to the masses to be consumed, admired, READ!

I’ve designed the Publishing Summit to address the very issues around:

  • Finishing the Book
  • Working with an Editor to polish the Book,
  • Formatting the Book for Publication, and then
  • How do you know which platforms, from Amazon, to Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Kobo, IBooks, Google Play, and this year 2018, I’m adding how to Audiobook (and a maze of many more) to load your book up to and how do you really sell it?

Even if you want to learn all of this, you can do so on your own, but if you’ve tried already I bet you’ve found it hard and confusing, not to mention any errors you may make can be devastatingly costly both financially and mentally. If they are financial mistakes you’ll make, they only set you further back in your target goal, sometimes almost starting from ground ZERO, not to mention the mistakes can be so life changing, you may just decide to give up. Please don’t give up, get some assistance.

If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.

-Lemony Snicket


My one day of instruction, encouragement and learning the right path to take, is all for YOU. Come learn and receive the information you need to move forward with your craft.

encouraging-signal-with-word-go_318-42968     READY TO REGISTER? 


The Team at Garner Solutions, Tracee Lydia Garner is ready for you and has lined up lots of inspiring stories and knowledgeable speakers to move you closer to pressing publish and accomplishing your goals.

We desired to create an environment where you can interact with like minds, enjoy yourself and learn all that you can from people who are doing and continue to repeat the publishing process they’ve come to love and do successfully – or why do it at all?

Keep reading below to learn more about the Summit or just click the Registration Button already!



map image GoogleLocation

This is a live event and it will be held?

Leesburg Junction

215 Depot Court, SE (First level)

Leesburg, VA 20175

THE EVENT WILL BEGIN promptly at 8:45 and should not last more than 15 – 20 minutes ensuring the first speaker can begin at 9:00 a.m.

ticket-clipart-clip-art-ticket-clipart  TICKETS

EARLY BIRD TICKETS (purchased now until before July 1) ARE $ 75 and include a light breakfast (with coffee and tea) and a light lunch. Please be sure to alert us immediately if you have any dietary restrictions.

GENERAL TICKETS (purchased AFTER JULY 1) $ 80.00 

PRIVATE WRITING COACHING An Additional $ 50.00 – This year, we are offering a new feature and that is an opportunity to meet with Ms. Garner, one on one for an hour. You will be able to tell Ms. Garner about your current station in the publication process as well as your goals and tentative time line. Ms. Garner, who has helped more than 20 students publish their own books, with 7 releasing actual books into the marketplace, will be able to assist you by offering a few pathways to your goal and resources to aid you in the various stages. Please read the complete information at the EVENT REGISTRATION PAGE regarding the requirements for a Private, one to one Coaching Session. 

mic clip artSPEAKER LINE UP – Coming Soon 

Our speakers are always industry professionals with CURRENT BOOKS. Not books they’ve released a hundred years ago, before social media. They are actively writing, pursuing and acquiring traditional contracts and/or they are forging an awesome path through Self or Indie Publishing. Ms. Garner has written eight books today and has four more that will be released this year. She knows other well read and happily published authors and they will be presenting at this year’s event ready to impart lots of helpful information. To keep up to day with new announcements regarding the event, join the Mailing List.

mail letter clip artIf you have any questions about the event that are not addressed here, please e-mail the Publishing Summit planning Team or call us at 571-423-9056.


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