Discussion Questions

Below, questions for the books I’ve released for your consideration or spirited Book Club Discussions. Be sure to check back for updates as I will soon list questions for Deadly Affections (the sequel to Anchored Hearts) and my nonfiction book, Pack Light: Thoughts for the Journey.

Send me your answers/thoughts or just tell me what you think. I’m always curious to know what and who doesn’t love discussing their own work? I sure do!



Anchored Hearts Book Discussion Guide

  1. Cole and Allontis struggle with various attachment issues. Cole moved around, living in DC, Virginia and New York, while Allontis chose to remain in Virginia from childhood. Are people who remain in their hometown better or worse for it? Why? Do they lack opportunities and different experiences because they’ve only lived in one place? What might they gain?
  2. Where have you lived for the majority of your life? Is this home? Do you feel that this is the place you belong? If not, where do you feel you belong? Why?
  3. How long do you think personal debts last? For instance, a desire for revenge probably depends on what the person in question did; but is there some sort of statute of limitations for wrongdoings? Name some different kinds of possible “debts” and attach a number the amount of time you think one can reasonably hold onto them.
  4. Deon felt that Allontis should not have received any money from his adoptive mother. Do you believe Momma G was right to leave Allontis money? Why or why not?
  5. It can often be hard for parents to avoid showing favoritism to one child over another, particularly when one acts out or is rebellious while others tend to act more appropriately. What do you think people can do to show that they love each of their children, equally and unconditionally?
  6. Were you angry that Cole did not speak up for Hannah right away? Why or why not? Could you empathize with his fears that he would be more of a father figure to the child than a big brother? Do you think Allontis was too forgiving of him for initially shunning his sister?
  7. Momma G and her husband David decided to adopt five boys. That’s a pretty big commitment. Why do you think more people don’t adopt children? Do you feel that family members, e.g. a sibling like Cole, should readily sign up to take in children if needed and strive to keep the family together under any circumstance? Why or why not?
  8. Deon expressed anger, hurt and resentment that Momma G and the rest of the brothers never seemed to accept him. Was this a real issue for the family or all in Deon’s head? Do you think the remaining brothers or Momma G should have treated him differently? If so, how might they have treated him instead?
  9. Deon’s only apparent motive for the way he acts toward Allontis is his feeling that she has “stolen” money that would have added more toward his own bottom line. Is this ever a valid reason for family quarrels?
  10. Cole felt abandoned by his father, Congressman Carson Gottlieb, as a boy; yet the Senator wanted to have a relationship with his daughter Hannah more than thirty years later. Was this excusable? What do you feel were the causes for Carson’s changes in outlook from when Cole was born to Hannah’s birth?
  11. Cole was fixated on ensuring that Hannah was reunited with her mother, Jada, because of the similar situation that he went through with his own birth mom. Considering the circumstances, did Cole do the right thing? What might he have done differently? What would you have done if you were in Allontis’s shoes?
  12. Cole and Senator Carson may have worked to build an amiable relationship for Hannah’s sake, but do you feel they can ever be close? Do you believe the ability to get past a traumatic event is based on a person’s age, on the severity of the offense or something else? Why? By what age do you feel a relationship can never be mended, or is there such an age? Why or why not?
  13. Cole claims he only “existed” in New York, but wasn’t truly living. While he ran a growing restaurant business, he had few friends, he didn’t have a church home and no one in his circle even knew he could play the piano. Is there a talent you have that none of your current friends know about? What is it? Why do you hide it? Why do you think Cole hid or never spoke of his talent?
  14. Who was the most interesting “good” character to you? Why? Who was the most “bad” or evil character? Why did either character resonate with you?
  15. What kind of “take-aways” did you glean from the various relationships in this book? Why?

I would love to hear your responses to these questions and any others you have. Drop me a line at teegarner@aol.com and be sure to leave a comment. Happy reading!

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