Ready? Set? Plan Your Social Media Year!

We are halfway through the year everyone. Can you believe it? I’m continuing my monthly Plan With Me Challenge to help you plan your year of content month by month.

Since we’re going into month # 6, I wanted to recap the original goals behind doing this each month in case you’re just joining me or you forgot why YOU signed up to do this challenge with me.

The Monthly Calendar – now, if I would send this ON TIME (sorry about that), but remember it’s a “challenge” so like me, you’ve probably met some pitfalls and delays and that’s okay. Just keep going. The Monthly calendar is to help you think of ideas and themes of things to put up (posts) on your own social media. Whether that’s a certain day, national observances for days or week long things, I’ve been putting 10 – 15 things on the calendar (there’s obviously so much more that could be listed) to help you. You can use it to:

  • post questions (fun, silly but even serious questions are fine as long as they are not too political or religious unless this is your subject/platform) for engagement on your social media (for instance, when it was national soup week or month, rather than post a recipe- which you can/should do too) I told people my three go-to places to get good soup and THEN asked them WHAT is their favorite AND WHERE do they get it/make it. Something so simple created a lot of engagement.  Recently, I did the same with Teacher Appreciation Week and it was great to hear about people’s favorite teacher, even more so if those responding could tag their teacher in the actual posts and thus let them know what an impact they had made on their lives
  • Allow people to see/hear about subjects important to you, and share your personal thoughts
  • Ask OPEN ended questions (and in doing so, learn more about your readership) – a new tip that’s also VERY important, wait to reveal your own thoughts right away, ask questions then wait for some engagement, check back to post your thoughts later

When you do these little things, they become big things and you should see an increase in your following in by inch.

As I’ve been saying… its all about ENGAGEMENT.

Lastly, I wanted to share, ensure and recap the freebie worksheets that I’ve posted these last few months. Bookmark this page so you can download them all. They ALL won’t be helpful to you BUT at this sixth month mark, I know one that will be helpful and that is the January worksheet to help you Clarify Your Commitments, see where you are at with your time commitment and if those things no longer resonate but need to go.

Enjoy All the freebies and check out this month’s one for Summer Travel. While most of us use our phones for all of our lists, reservations and confirmation numbers, that’s great BUT sometimes it is important to have a back up paper copy that you can fill out and have with your passport and even if you wanted to leave with a trusted friend in the event of an emergency. In the age of digital this and that, sometimes a paper copy is the only thing that will be handy when all that digital stuff runs of out of battery juice or is lost in the ocean. Plus if you take it with you and e-mail it to yourself, it will be accessible at any business center of your local hotel. Just don’t forget your password. 🙂  And the Plan with Me Calendar for June and blank calendar can be found here.

January’s Worksheet is about Clarifying Your Commitments Worksheet.

February’s Worksheet is about Your Book (or any Project’s) Production Schedule and/or Checklist.

March’s Worksheet is about Event Planning SMALL soirees and your book launch party

April’s Worksheet is about Event Planning for larger events and conferences 

May’s Worksheet is about Inclusive Event Planning

June’s Worksheet is a Travel Checklist & Itinerary, as well as a short list of some commonly forgotten items to pack, just in time for summer vacation.

See you next month and btw, please let me know what kinds of worksheets you’re interested in! I’d welcome and love your suggestions!


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