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Today, it’s Friday Features and the Teegarner Blog is pleased to visit with author:

E Y  W A D E

authorimage.pngEy considers herself to be a caged in frustrated author of thought provoking, mind bending books in several genres, from romance to mystery to juvenile picture books. She is, and always has been the single the mother of three adult daughters that were previously home-schooled and the drooling ‘Lovey’ to a little boy. Ey was born in Texas and reared as an Army brat. There is the constant need to speak- writing and telling stories is the way she chooses to communicate.

TRIPPING PRINCE CHARMING – Written in the format of acts and scenes, three friends join their love stories to create a romance that is both whimsical and beguiling. Enjoy the production of three epic tales of love, in this ‘rom-dramadey’

Carmella Candi, Ivy Gardiner, and Lillie-Rose McIntyre are best friends. Strong minded women, who defied the fairy tales, tore up the pink fluffy dresses and enjoyed pulling Prince Charming through the ringer and giving him a run for his money. They decided when ‘happily’ became ‘ever after’.


getPartHere’s an Excerpt form Tripping Prince Charming, Ey’s latest: 

Bernard turned into the driveway and drove into the two car garage. The sight of Franklin’s car sitting on the opposite side of the structure, spoke volumes. Hanging his keys on the wall, he grabbed a couple of pieces of hard candy from a variety of sweets sitting in the large bowl on the ornate shelving as he moved through the home’s foyer, Bernard called out to Franklin. Receiving no answer, he strolled through the rest of the house searching and calling for his friend.

Unable to find him in the house, Bernard crossed the living room, opened the glass patio door, and stepped outside. At first, he didn’t see Franklin sitting among the trees, in one of the chairs facing the brass water wall. When he did, he walked over and peered at his friend’s silhouette.

“Why are you sitting in the dark?” Bernard reached over and flicked on the switch which lit the entire yard. From the expression on Franklin’s face when the light’s reflection pierced his eyes, Bernard immediately clicked the switch back off. Sitting quietly near his friend Bernard stretched out his legs, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. After five minutes and no reactions from Franklin, he decided to just jump in.

“Things didn’t go well, huh?”

“Pfft, how can you tell?”

“Well, you’re sitting in the middle of an expensively landscaped yard in the dark, and you look as if you’ve lost everything you ever wanted in life. Plus, I saw your face as you walked out of Starbucks. I take it Carmella didn’t handle the explanation too well.”

“You can take it to the goal line. I think Carmella believes we deliberately played a trick on her.”

“You want me to talk to her? Obviously you weren’t clear enough in your explanation.”

Franklin’s laugh was dry. “Not if you value your life. Maybe my explanation was a little crazy. I don’t think she’s open enough to really hear me. From what she told me on the ride back to the church, she has a fear of falling for a controlling Neanderthal. Why would she even have such a fear?”

“The fear is the remnant of a situation dealing with her friend, Lillie-Rose.”

“Did Ivy tell you that? I can’t believe she would share so much of her cousin’s business.”

“Of course she didn’t. She’s not a gossip. I heard it from the women at the church.”

“Oh, you eavesdropped?”

“Of course not,” Bernard chuckled. “I was a part of the conversation…well, sort of. I stand around drinking coffee, they always circle around me talking and I offer the occasional, ‘uhm hmm’. Women tend to see me as a constituent. I put it down to the accent or the beauty. They get loose lips around me.”

“You can believe it’s your beauty, but I bet it’s the fact they think we’re gay.”

Bernard threw back his head and laughed loudly. “And probably that, too. Anyway, seems the guy Lillie-Rose was married to, someone they all knew as children, turned out to be controlling and abusive. In the end, Lillie-Rose ended up in the hospital. I heard she almost died. So, trust of men comes pretty hard with that trio.”

“Dang, that’s bad, but I’m nothing like that guy.”

“No, you’re not. I’m sure if you give Carmella time she will remember that fact.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, what did she say before she left you? Did she say she never wanted to see you again?”

“No, she said she would call me by the end of the week.”

“There you go then. If she hasn’t called you by then, my friend, you can come and mope in this beautiful garden. But, until then have some faith.”

“I guess you’re right.” Franklin stood and stretched. “You want something to drink?”

“Naw, I guess I’ll go to bed.”

“Really?” In the middle of the living room, Franklin turned to Bernard. “You mean you don’t want to tell me how your night went?” He continued toward the kitchen.

Bernard, unable to hold back his joy, whooped before smiling at his friend and following him into the kitchen, barely taking a seat at the island before diving into conversation.

“I’d love to. I didn’t want you to think I had no sympathy for you.”

“That’s dumb.” Franklin placed one of the canned drinks he held in his hand on the counter in front of Bernard. “You can tell me anything. I’m not crazy, I saw the way the two of you were looking at each other. Hell, your laughter carried all the way over to where we were sitting.” He laughed. “You weren’t laughing at me were you?”

Bernard laughed too.”You know I was. Ivy confirmed your girl wanted to run me over, so I guess we came clean just in time. I told you she was seeing me as some sort of jerk.”

“Yeah, well now we’re in the same boat with her. What about her cousin? How did she take the news?”

“Ecstatically, I told you, I know what God has said to me. Those are the chosen women for us and you know it. For me, this past year of standing on the sidelines getting to know Ivy has only confirmed the fact for me. And you know for yourself, Carmella is your destiny. There’s no way she is going to step away from you. Haven’t you watched the girl in church or in her cooking class? She can barely keep her eyes off of you. You are stuck with her. Life can be full of rocks, hills and mountains. Sometimes you’ll bruise your toes or trip on the hard parts which come your way, but you’ll just have to deal with it. Give Carmella her time. As for Ivy, she couldn’t hide her pleasure in being with me. A few more days of playing games with you and I would have lost her.” He swallowed the dregs from the can. “Go to bed, Franklin, worrying never changes anything.”

“You’re right.”

Climbing off the stool, Franklin tossed his empty can in the trash before locking up the house and going to his room.

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