Ready? Set? Plan Your Social Media Year!

Hey there,

It’s March! Can you believe it?

Welcome to the third month of the social media planning/blog challenge with me.

It’s been some work to keep going with this challenge, hence my late post this month AND it’s only month three. I fell a bit behind but that brings me to some very important ideas to keep in mind about your own posting schedule.

Its March and the news would have you believe that this is the official start of the decline for goals we all outlined in late December 2017 and early January 2018. It can be a little true I mean they do sit around studying this stuff all the time, when March comes, that’s more time to do other fun things that the winter cold likely kept you from.

I say, make March the new year. If you’ve fallen off the wagon or never got on it, in preparation for Quarter 2, which starts really in April, begin to think about some things that maybe these first two months of this year have already annoyed you, what can you change in your schedule, what can you STOP doing so the remaining ten months can really be spectacular? If you believe that it’s never too late to implement and start better habits, then it won’t be ever too late.

BUT, you gotta start planning to make all that good happen.

Here’s both your March calendar of ideas to generate social media posts and AND your BLANK March Calendar.

Need to know the nationally observed days of the month, there’s some really interesting ones you can find by clicking here.

Okay, March On!

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