Book Production Checklist

If there’s anything I have learned about being an Indie Author, it’s not so  much about word counts and story structure but those are really important things too. However, when it comes to the actual production of a book, it’s ALL about organization.

Words cannot, I cannot, stress how important it is to be organized if you’re going to upload your book to a publishing platform and then sell and market it. You have to be organized.

Today, I’m sharing a printable checklist for your book. Some of things on my list, you won’t necessarily need but these checklist keep me sane and save my book life and over the years I’ve added and changed it to reflect the different things that I need. I’m to the point now where it’s always ready to go, and for every new book (four upcoming FYI) I use this document to make everything go smoothly. I hope it works for you, too.

What’s also important about these lists are that when someone request an interview, feature or a blog posts, they almost always want the following items:

  1. ISBN ebook version
  2. ISBN print book version
  3. Author Photo
  4. Book Cover Photo
  5. Synopsis, and
  6. Social Media handles (all five or ten of them that you have)… (I don’t recommend ten but as I feature authors I have received many, a good 3 to 5 of your most followed ones, are plenty) just saying.

There is much much more on the free printable list as you will see, but if a blogger or other interviewer type contacts you, imagine the stress redux and the time saved when it’s all ready to go.

When you are organized and have spent time putting in this information into ONE MS Word or other type of document, you’ll simply open your document and be able to cut and paste the items that you need.

All the items I have listed on these checklist are also the same things you will need to gather and have in order to publish your book on platforms like Amazon, Kobo, Ibooks, GooglePlay, IngramSpark and numerous others. Almost all of these booksellers require some version of the same information and now you can breeze through all those feilds cutting and pasting like a Star Wars soldier… Not only will be able to publish your book faster (by being organized) you’ll know what you need up front. Sometimes when researching any platform, being able to see the requirements and investigating what you need to have is like trying to find the White House secret tapes. So I’m essentially telling you, complete the items I’ve listed in the checklist and you WILL have all that you need.

Also keep your book cover pic and author photo on your desktop and it will be easier to find and often “drag and drop-able” to the e-mail you are creating to send to the requester. Here’s five more tips for using the Book Production Checklists.

  1. ALWAYS take the time to Label Things PROPERLY – there is nothing worse than naming something the wrong thing or its name being similar to something else in your long list of files.
  2. If you change the title of a book or project, go in and change your related docs to match
  3. Be sure that an experienced graphic designer is sending you the right types of covers in the correct resolutions. Ebook resolutions for covers are different than print.
  4. When graphic designers and other professionals you’ll work with send you items, download AND review them as soon as possible. They will send you more than one version of things like your book cover, or edits. Make sure that you look at EVERYTHING and are certain that it’s correct and get in touch with them right away.
  5. Finally if a folder gets crowded, label a new folder FINALS of “the project name”. You will have drafts and versions of just about everything and locating the latest version could be maddening.

Finally, YOU can adapt these for any product. Photographers, filmography and numerous other professions will have checklist just like these. If you have audiobooks, add the audio book link and description to your document and remember to keep saving.

Finally, you can make the checklist -once you put in all your information- into a Google doc for your project(s) and you can access them anywhere so long as you have the Google Drive app or Dropbox app. Being away from your home and on the go should not be an issue when you need to get important information about your books and products to other uses, bloggers and potential interviewers. Get organized not only for sanity purposes but to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to promote yourself and your works.

You want to be ready so get ready and enjoy the checklists by clicking here: Your Book Production Schedule Checklist.



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