Ready? Set? Plan Your Social Media Year!

Welcome to Month # 2 Everyone, okay not yet, But… February is just a few days away.

But you need your planning calendar content ideas and as promised the links are below.

If you’re planning some social media post and graphics, that is awesome. Be sure to tag me @Teegarner or give a shout out.

Some things I’ve been doing that have seen more engagement include:

I’ve been just searching my favorite authors (living or deceased) and adding their pic, a quote and their born/death date. Obviously, MLK, Jr.’s birthday was this month but that brings about an important note, our leaders, authors, anyone you’re planning to quote, etc. have had so much to say over their lifetime, be sure to dig a little deeper into the quote history and find something of real relevance, it’s not always easy but it certainly is about more than just picking the ones that everyone knows and has heard, and Wikiquote, Google and other search engines are often generating the top three, so take a moment to find that nugget. You won’t always be able to but sometimes you will.

I got a lot of engagement with announcing that is was National Soup Month this January but I went a step further, first be CERTAIN to ask people what their favorite this or that is and while I could have shared a recipe, I didn’t want to simply grab a stock image of something I hadn’t made (soup can be a little laborious) so instead I talked about the three places to get my favorite soups and then other people could also try when they felt like it or if they had that store in their area.

My point is to not only post lots of things, random stuff, but ask questions, share your personal thoughts (nice neutral topic like soup) and INVITE others to share theirs. If you are doing that, people LOVE to share their own opinions about everything and there ya go! That’s ENGAGEMENT.

I’ve been being sure to try to cross promote, using my IG more and posting at different times of the day. You can use one graphic but post it at different times on all of your social media. Try staggering the times, e.g. post on FB at Noon, on IG at 4:00 and on Pinterest  (which I am not on very much) and Twitter at 5:00 and 6:00 respectively. This is an example, choose the times that are right for you and more than once, e.g. rotate. Remember you can do this easily with Hootsuite of the Buffer App. Yes, there are suggested times for posting on each of these platforms and that’s fine if you have time to find out and then do what the “experts” say but I’ve realized that you have to do things when you can do them and morning (everyone’s checking the feeds around breakfast time and when they get up), at Noon approximately, everyone is on at lunch seeing what’s up and finally, in the evening and into the night, people are getting home from work/school, getting ready for dinner and then bed, and checking what’s going on. The reality is that everyone is really on at ALL HOURS OF THE DAY. So if you don’t want to be exhausted, find some times that are right for you and let that be enough.

And by the way, if you’re using the FREE version of Hootsuite, you’re allowed 30 posts and three platforms (or feeds), AND that is hard work, to come up with enough content for 30 posts, that means  you could post something for every day of the month on three platforms. The only reason I’ve even reached 27 scheduled posts (which I don’t do often at all and that I worked really hard-for this blog post- to see if I could fill that many posts) is simply because many of them are for other months, with things going into April this year. Consistent content creation is harder than you think!

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.07.08 PM

Remember your goals? Are you meeting them? What could be improved? Are you honing your main subjects? Answer the main subjects question by asking yourself, what are you posting and what is receiving the most comments, not to mention, what do you like looking up and finding to post, what kinds of posts do you enjoy creating? It should be fun, not a chore.

The other goals, just to refresh your memory:

# 1. Plan BETTER for a Month of Content. Planning is an effort to create the content and INCREASE the number of posts throughout the month, AND to make posts relevant.

# 2. Write in between book projects by doing a free printable download each month on different topics. Freebies will be geared toward order in life in general and of course, writing, publishing and marketing.

# 3: SHARE, feel free to reblog and TAG. By sharing what others have written (with their permission) you ease the burden of some much contact – yes, it’s great and kudos to you for original images and text but that’s hard, help others reach more of an audience and build their following by sharing that great post YOU saw and enjoyed with your own circles. There is enough content to go around and around, so IF you’re not sharing (reblogging, retweeting, reposting) good stuff you’ve read and enjoyed from others, shame on you!

 Here’s your BLANK Calendar AND “Content” generator Calendar for FEBRUARY, and

This Months Freebie Worksheet is about Your Book (or any Project’s) Production Schedule and/or Checklist.

See you next month!


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