Ready? Set? Plan Your Social Media Year!

Welcome to 2018 Everyone,

I’m always doing something new and fun so this brand new year should be no different.

This time around, I’ve made some challenges in the blog and overall social media sphere and I’m hoping you’ll join me, plan and post with me and if not, read each month and enjoy the ride.  Ready?

First, the challenges. This year, I hit almost 10K views on my blog, that’s a mix of interesting subjects, information and the guests I have for Feature Fridays and trying to be consistent. I’ve found my groove and hope I can top 15K views this year. Here’s the how:

Challenge # 1. Plan BETTER for My Month of Content. I will not post everyday or every platform, but the planning is an effort to create the content and INCREASE the number of posts throughout the month, AND to make posts relevant. You’ll see what I mean when I share my A New Take on the Editorial Calendar.

TiP: We all are stretched unbelieving thin when it comes to the number of platforms for us to post on. I continue to focus on FB, Twitter and have only recently added IG. I will get some things going more on Pinterest this year but it won’t be a focus. THREE is my limit.

Challenge # 2. I’m going to make a free download printable each month on different topics. You’ll need to subscribe (follow or “subscribe” to me here at the blog at to get notified when new posts go up. I’ll always strive for the first week of the month, so you have time to get your content together but remember it’s an going process. Freebies will be geared toward order in life in general and of course, writing, publishing and marketing.

Challenge # 3: I’m sharing the calendar I created (from number 1) with you each month (I’ll give you a blank free one too) but the calendar will have lots of ideas I’m going to try to implement for that month as far content and posts creation goes.

From all this, the goals for the blog calendar posts are:

a. NOT to run out of possible ideas for great content

b. inspire you and others

c. for you to tag me with your posts so we all can see and share however you interpreted these ideas,

d. GROW of course, both mine and your own following and lastly,

e. increase our ability to be consistent because that is KEY to growth!

January 2018 is FIRED UP and READY TO GO. Let’s move it!

Here’s your BLANK Calendar AND “Content” generator Calendar for January, and

This Months Freebie Worksheet is about Clarifying Your Commitments

2 thoughts on “Ready? Set? Plan Your Social Media Year!

  1. Hi Tracee,

    This is an excellent idea to get people over to your blog to check out what you have to offer and you’re also helping them create their own content.

    I will take you up on your challenge. I’m always looking for new ideas to blog about.

    Look forward to hanging out with you. i will also send the Butterflies over. Everyone can use a little content help.

    Happy Promoting!

    LaShaunda Hoffman – Social Butterfly Mama

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