Back to School – Adult Edition

Fun finds for Back to School (not really)….When it comes to shopping for Back to School supplies, I say: “What about the rest of us?”

Here’s a short round up on some cool things that I just had to share and it’s all VERY adult and it’s also beyond your standard issue pens and paper, like we don’t have enough of those already.



This Target’s portfolio by Cambridge $ 14.99 and comes in blush pink and a light mint green, they have half 7 x 9 and full sizes 8.5 x 11. I love it, it fits one of my daily task pads perfectly but it also comes with it’s own college ruled pad.




2 Way Universal Tablet Stand

stand ipad 5below

IMG_2002.JPGFive Below $ 4.00- I absolutely love this Universal 2 Way Tablet Stand that I got from Five Below and truth be told, it can double as a book holder for your booksigning table. If you don’t have a Five Below (where everything is five dollars or less usually $ 1, 3 and 5 dollars) you’re missing out. It’s also a great place to get varied journals, pens, backpacks and even throw blankets and neck pillows and toiletries, candy, chips and small sizes of things for travel.You can consider Five Below the ROSS, TJMaxx and Marshall’s for electronics.  I can’t find a link to the Five Below one, so I also found one slightly more expensive (sorry) at Amazon.

keyboard 5below

Bluetooth / Wireless Keyboard – this was FIVE bucks at Five Below!!! It’s awesome. I set up my keyboard this weekend and it works perfectly with my Ipad and comes in handy when I’m on the go; and for five bucks, are you nuts?



Pencil Case (that looks like a small Back Pack) by Yoobi – I actually used this in my recent travel to the Romance Writers conference the other week in Orlando, Florida. I didn’t want to carry around a purse and I just wanted to carry a few things like pens, biz cards and credit cards. It is an actual pen/pencil case meant to corral are your tiny sticky notes, markers and even some mints/candy or hand sanitizer. The stretchy strap on the back will fit on notebooks and even over the headrest of your car’s driver or passenger seat if you want to keep odds and ends on your seat. Yoobi sounds like a cool company in that they give one of what whatever you purchase is given to schools for their children across the US. Their motto, One for you, one for me. How cool!

^ This Spiral Teacher’s Notebook (there’s also a lesson plan book) is for teachers, but I love it because it’s got graph paper. I love anything with graph paper so I used it more of a project planner. I purchased it last year and it got wet so I brought two this year just in case!

Unfortunately, at stores like Five Below, the quantities will always be limited but go now and often until school supply shopping time is over and they will have lots of items as they prepare for Back to School shopping. See what they have AND be sure to ask a manager or customer service rep if you can’t find something.

I always find something new at Back to School time and if you’re a writer, speaker or teacher, sometimes a new pen or shiny new (reasonably priced) gadget can give you a little pick me up as you work on your masterpieces. Plus, seriously, there is nothing wrong with being an adult and getting your shop on in the BTS Section. Have a great time and find some cool stuff. I sure will.

Want some more very Adult BTS stuff to purchase? Check out the following:


The Muse – Career Guidance Website

See Jane Work   Really cool stuff for the working/entrepreneurial woman

Storiarts – An Etsy Shop, has some awesome gifts for the writer in your life or writer buymyself love

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