How do you write, LaShaunda Hoffman?

I’ve had so much fun these last 9 weeks, can you believe it? Nine weeks of visiting with different authors to learn about their Writing Process. Hopefully, you’ve found some new and exciting ways to explore your own process, enhance it and take a page here and there from all of us who shared how we write our stories and make it happen!

Enjoy our final author, Ms. LaShaunda Hoffman, here’s what she has to share about her own writing process:

lashaundahead1.JPGI decided at 16 that I would be the Black Jackie Collins. I was going to write these hot passionate books and be on the best-selling lists. I so did not have a clue, but it was the beginning of my writing career that would take me on a crazy journey.

I wish I could say I have a process for my writing but to be honest I don’t. I write when I can or when the muse hits me. Before I became a wife and mother, I would spend the whole weekend in front of my word processor; yes you read right, word processor. Back then I didn’t have the funds for a computer. I went from a typewriter at sixteen to a Brother’s Word Processor and I used it for many years.

Fast forward to 2017 and I use a laptop, but I do most of my writing on paper. I still love the feel of writing the story out then typing it. I guess that’s from using a typewriter when your ribbon was precious so you reserved it for the final draft.

Now that I have a family, I no longer get the luxury of writing all day. Lately, I find myself waking up early. I used to find a note pad and go into the bathroom and write. Most mornings now I grab my phone and open up the Evernote app.

I write what comes to mind. Sometimes it’s just a few paragraphs or if I’m lucky a whole article.

Articles have been my muse for the past year. I haven’t done much fiction writing since my book released in 2015.

I’ve been trying to find the fiction muse so I can complete this book I’ve been working on for what seems like years. I’m dealing with a lot of fear where it’s concerned.

Mainly because it’s fiction and my first book is nonfiction. All those fears I had before I released the first book has returned for this book. I think a little stronger.

I refuse to let fear win. This book will be completed.

Back to my writing process, I used to write on any paper I could find during crazy times like at the stop light or when I’m in the shower.

The Evernote and the Dragon apps have saved me from wet paper and killing myself from driving while trying to write.

If I’m in a spot I can’t physically write the Dragon app is perfect for talking it all out. I’ve written many blog posts on the drive to work.

The Evernote app is great for when you don’t have paper or just want to get your thoughts down. If you carry your phone everywhere like I do, then you always have it for when the muse pops up.

One day I plan to have a writing process. I’ll get up and write for four hours take a break and write for two more hours. I know I’m dreaming right now because retirement is a few years away so I’ll continue writing when I can and when the muse hits me.

Why stop a system that works for you? I learned a long time ago that every writer is different, you have to find what works for you and write. As long as I’m writing that means its working.

I’d like to thank Tracee for offering me this opportunity to share with you today. Next month I’m hosting a summit – Produce *Publish*Promote Summit for writers. It’s all about writing, publishing and promoting. I invite you to register for the free three day event.

I’m LaShaunda Hoffman a promotion strategist. I help writers and business owners become social butterflies by building online relationships. I’m the publisher of SORMAG Digital – an award winning digital magazine for multi-cultural literature. I’m the author of Building Online Relationships –One Reader At A Time – a promotion plan in a book.

LaShaunda’s book Building Online Relationships is available now wherever books are sold. 

I love books and book promotion and you can find me online at:

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