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This Friday brings in Pennsylvania Author

Jodie Wolfe

who creates novels where hope and quirky meet. She’s been a semi-finalist and finalist in various writing contests and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Romance Writers of America (RWA). When not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband in Pennsylvania, reading, walking, and being a Grammie. Learn more at

Jodie is here to tell us about her latest romantic novel An Angel for the Cowboy, which is part of the Let Love Spring: A Historical Spring Collection.


Chapter One

Wanted: A man of faith and means, willing to enter a marriage of convenience by April 14th. Must be a fine and upstanding citizen. No cowboys or drifters need apply. All inquiries should be sent to: E. Love in care of Burrton Grove Gazette, Burrton Grove, Kansas.

February 14, 1876, Burrton Grove, Kansas

The staccato beating of her heart reverberated in Esther Love’s ears as she read her announcement in the local newspaper. Two months to save her home and sisters. Would the Lord see fit to provide a man in time?

Her middle sister entered the tiny kitchen of the home they’d lived in all their lives. Essie snapped the weekly periodical closed and shoved it under a book. The house hadn’t been the same since Pa died six months prior. Ma had passed decades earlier when Essie’s youngest sister was a babe. A year ago, all had been right in the world, and she’d had a bright future ahead of her—a wedding to plan—but then that no-account banker had reneged on his promise.

“Essie.” Her sister’s voice was a welcome diversion from her dismal thoughts.

Kitty stood with her hands planted on her slim hips. “Essie, you aren’t listening to me. Why haven’t you changed yet? You can’t wear that to go to the sweetheart dance.”

Essie glanced down at her rumpled dress and the ink stains on her fingers. “I’m not going.”

The same men who attended every other town festivity would be at that dance. None of them were suitable to come to her rescue or would be willing to take on the restrictions she required. Especially since her lame-brained ex-fiancé had blabbed all over town about her being a dime novelist, an unemployed one, at that.

“Runnin’ from folks won’t solve your problem.” Teddy, her youngest sister, shoved the tails of Pa’s shirt into her dungarees. Ma would’ve never allowed them to wear such garb, but she’d not seen fit to live long enough to take Teddy in hand. No matter how hard Essie tried, the girl refused to be tamed.

Essie stared at her eighteen-year-old sister. Teddy was at the age where she should be thinking of beaus and settling down to run her own household instead of spending her time outdoors taking care of the farm. Her long thick braid slapped against her waist as she leaned against the dry sink.

Teddy speared her with a look. “Just ’cause that no-account insect went back on his word, don’t mean you shouldn’t try and snag some other fella’s attention.”

Essie refrained from rolling her eyes at her sister’s poor grammar.

Kitty chimed in, “She’s right you know.”

She snorted and glared at her sisters. “I have no desire to go tonight and be the object of everyone’s pity.”

Kitty sidled up beside her and wrapped an arm around Essie’s waist. “If you don’t go, everyone will think you’re yellow, and nothing could be further from the truth. Besides, you haven’t been out of the house in weeks. We’re concerned about you.”

She’d slipped out a week ago to go to the newspaper office before they closed so she could sign up for the advertisement in today’s paper, the one she hoped her sisters didn’t read. Perhaps she should’ve disguised her name. “I’ve been out of the house.” Too late. She wished she could retract the words as soon as they spewed from her lips. Essie hefted a sigh.

Teddy’s eyebrows rose on her broad forehead, the same broad forehead they had each inherited from their pa. “When did you set foot outside of the house? You’ve been flailin’ like a peacock in a mud pile ever since that two-bit nuisance broke off your engagement. In fact, you’ve been mighty tight-lipped since that day.” Her sister’s eyes narrowed. “You never did tell us what the bank manager wanted to meet with you about either.”

“Are you going along to the dance, Teddy?” Essie prayed the question distracted her sister. “I’ll go if you will.”

“Oh yes, please. It won’t be any fun if you don’t both attend.” Kitty smiled and reached for Essie’s and Teddy’s hands.

Teddy continued to stare at Essie for a moment before she responded. “If it’ll get Essie out of the house, I’ll go.”

Essie sneaked a peek at her youngest sister. More than likely the subject change hadn’t fooled Teddy. She’d lay in wait like a flea on a hound dog, scheming for the opportune time to attack. Maybe an evening away would distract Teddy from thinking about it. Then again, the chances of that were as rare as God dropping an interested man on her doorstep who would solve all her problems.

An Angel for the Cowboy Synopsis

When the bank threatens foreclosure on Essie Love’s home, it’s up to her to provide for her sisters. She’ll do whatever it takes to save them, even if it means marrying a stranger.

Jud Steele is wanted for a crime he didn’t commit. Wounded and left for dead, he lands on Essie’s doorstep. While she nurses him back to health, he finds himself longing for a home and family.

Can two desperate people find a path that leads to what they both need?

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