What’s on Your Publishing Checklist?

Sometimes organization can be annoying. That sounds silly, I know but I do admit, I just like having it altogether and all figured out -as far as my own processes go- so I can move on and not have to keep the brain space for something that I could just write down. When you have various routines in place, (if you’re not organized) try it, you just feel a whole lot better.
So, I decided to organize and publish -just for you– and at the prompting of Slave Driver, I mean Author Encourager (magazine publisher and author) # 1 Ms. LaShaunda Hoffman – two things in my book publishing and book promotional life. Enjoy the benefits of my organization. I sincerely hope they bring some order to you if you desire it.
First, to share, I have my 1. Publishing Checklist and then, 2. I am always making A TON of graphics using the wonderful, awesome Canva and so I put together a list of graphics that I will usually make for EVERY single book. In this second list there are a couple of more items besides just the graphics, but I put them on there so you (and I) wouldn’t forget either.
Before I share the list, here’s a few tips.
When I started using Canva, I honestly didn’t realize how important tie in/color scheme are in graphics and looking back it’s evident I didn’t know what I was doing but as time has gone on, I’ve learned to pay more attention to color and I also love looking at the graphics of others which inspires me to step up my own graphic game and helps me get new ideas.
 If you do nothing else or if this seems hard for you (and me) who have absolutely NO formal design training whatsoever, then:
1. Use your book color scheme as a frame of reference, pick 3 colors from your actual release you’re promoting to create a color palette
2. Use your website as a potential color palette or
3. Try a couple of different options and find some beta testers. You should do this regardless of what you come up with, and
4. Stay AWAY from grays and dull mute colors (unless you will print it out -which you will for postcards and such). I know some of us wear black all the time because it’s slimming. Well that’s not a good option for visual design and graphics. I personally LOVE color – if you’re scared, just try a couple of elements – maybe 2 per graphic- at a time. WATCH the font colors however, when it comes to reading, some fonts are not good such as neon brights are not good for things you actually want people to read!
5. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, Always, put your information name/website or name/twitter on ALL your graphics, this is one way of making sure others don’t slap their own stuff on top of yours – they can do that regardless if they are savvy, enough, I know. Anything is removable these days for anyone with some photoshop know-how, but at least have it as a potential deterrent.
(Note: Same [1] document with both lists)
* DISCLAIMERS About these lists
* Everything on my lists I try to put in a folder or on my desktop making it easy to drag/drop and drag/attach what I need quickly. E.g. the bios will all be in ONE WORD document and labeled. Yes, of course it’s easy to tell two sentences from 100 words but you’ll be glad you labeled everything when you need to send things quickly and your brain is fried AND when you do not want to miss out on a wonderful promotion opportunity.
* While I personally try to do everything on my lists, in reality, some things you will never get around to doing but it’s good to have for future reference plus use it as an idea generator to help you come up with new things you might add your own list. E.g. I have not shot my live author interview (because of time/editing and wanting to get it just right before posting) but it’s there and I do have plans to do one, soon. I have done the book trailers for my last two books Pack Light: Thoughts for the Journey,  Anchored Hearts (a friend did the AH trailer) and my current release Deadly Affections.
* I included blank spaces for you to add your own tasks in
* I included a completely Blank Checklist for you to start from scratch
* These checklists are Google documents you are free to download, save and print for your own personal use ONLY.
* If you download and choose to print as a PDF – you should be able to choose print in B&W so you don’t use up all your ink – I kept the colors light for that reason

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