How Do I Write?


Since I’m up this week I thought it would be fun to do more than just tell you how I write. For the most part, I wanted to go deeper because I already shared how I write, here, in last year’s post, revisit if you’re curious about MY process. While much hasn’t changed about my actual style (um, certified “Pantser” remains) I let the ideas come, I write, write, write as much as I can and when I’m about 3/4 of the way through I have to go back and just create a sort of timeline, rearrange a few things, edit minimally and then push to the end – what I have changed is my approach to writing and it took about a year to really solidify the tweaks and changes I’ve made. Rather than just tell you about the ideas of my writing process, I also wanted to do a bit of a round up to show you the very real things that helped me so I can now shine in my approach to my writing process. Here’s FIVE important, past blog posts that I wrote about, all of them contributing to the joy I have in my current MY Writing Process! Enjoy.

  1. Time Management – I’ve got to have time and that means ultimately I have to, I MUST, I NEED to cut out things that are time wasters. Read about Time Management here. 

  2. Prioritize – I get A LOT done, even for me who requires two aides (and thus dependent on others to make life happen) AND use of a mobility device to get around -and while I don’t have kids, I still have family obligations, and I do a lot of community work which has always been a passion of mine. Writing is STILL very important to me and in the last few years, I rearranged some life choices I made to move writing ahead to the forefront. What do you need to do to move your writing time to the top of the list? It wasn’t easy, I remember getting off a board service commitment and I felt lonely, a void almost routine to do.pngand like wow, this is it, just me and my computer and that cursor blinking at me expectantly. Of course, over time, that feeling went away and my writing saw the benefits of moving things around and shaking things up a bit.

  3. Next, I wanted to be even more productive so I had to Find Ways to CHEAT – You’re not really cheating, you’re just, what do they call it now, a hack? You’re creating hacks to life’s routines in order to get them done faster – I talked about some of my Hacks here that helped me increase my output but honestly, the two most important things you’ll see in this list was A. Using my phone at night in bed to dictate about 300 words and 2. Cutting off the television and having quiet. I could really focus. I wasn’t looking at the TV every five minutes catching the tail end of something I likely wasn’t intereted in anyway. THOSE things has made all of the difference but the others are there too just read. I also talk about juggling my many acts of life here with Author, Promotion Guru and Social Media Strategist LaShaunda Hoffman, in a segment on her Podcast here: Click on “Promoting in Real Life”

  4. Remember to vege out – I have some favorite Youtubers I love. One of them is At Home with Nikki and Alexis Giostra AKA Miss Trenchcoat – You have to give your mind a break and while Miss Trenchcoat is a business/internet guru and blogger and would seem I’m not “breaking” I still love to watch, I don’t take notes (I do at other times but not for the Vege out) and I just enjoy. What things can help you really tune out so your brain doesn’t get over loaded and is a kind of mindless entertainment? I also enjoy some funny, less serious videos like ones about thrifting and even Pinterest is obviously a favorite pastime for many.

  5. Last but not least is to remember an air or spirit of gratitude. Prior to now I haven’t talked much about gratitude anywhere on my blog, except in some posts, but I’ll do a full post on it soon. Do you know I consider my words and my ideas living beings? By that I mean I feel as though the ideas are breathing things that require tender nurturing and care. When the ideas come, I let them marinate, they roll around in my head and I have the power- through spoken word and thoughts – to help them live or to die. That’s biblical straight from Proverbs 18:21. I happen to have had a season (or two) of “idea drought”. And I strongly believe that is because when they ideas came, I had no time for them so they all got their friends and went away.  Permit your ideas to linger and grown, take root and hold on, encourage them and write them down and catalog them. If you do that, you’ll never be without a story idea to pursue.


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