Gifts for Writers

Do you ever wonder what to get the writer in your life? Writing is a very personal act and while most writers love office supplies, I’m here to tell you that not just any generic office, writing tool will do. From the simple to more the complex, below are some ideas and I’m certain you will find something for the writer friend in your life or living at your house:

Paper – writer’s write, and while pretty basic, paper is always needed and a appreciated. A ream of crisp, white, bright, will dazzle me any day of the week. If you are more minimalist buyer, form and function and practicality are what you do, paper will be basic and can always be used for a variety of projects. If you know your writer enjoys sending cards and handwritten notes, why not buy also some pretty stationary, recycled paper, or personalized stationary with their name on it. Different, colorful and textured papers can also be used for the scrapbooking and journaling and are fun options too.

Solitaire, Angry Birds and other fun time suckers can really get a writers juices flowing – seems like procrastination, I know…. okay, maybe sometimes it is, but iTunes gift cards are for more than just getting your favorite songs and shows. At BJ’s and Sam’s Wholesale Clubs, you can get them for a dollar less than the full valued amount of the card and these kind of cards can be used for so much and I personally hate the $ 4-5 buck activation fees that come along with other cards offered by Visa and Mastercard, which are still very practical too. There are tons of Apps that writers utilize to improve their writing, count their word output, and manage their time or dictate those awesome manuscripts.

Subscriptions to Industry Publications – The leading writer’s magazines include:

Writer’s Digest

The Writer magazine ,

Poets & Writers and

Publishers Weekly, but if you have a special genre niche, there are tons of
others you haven’t discovered to help you with your craft, be sure to research other genre specific publications for whatever it is YOUR writer, writes.

Beautifully crafted writing tools from Levenger – My father introduced me to this company, also otherwise known as the “Fine Tools for Writers” catalog that he used to get in the mail. I even wrote a letter to them in my twenties for an invention improvement I had on one of their products and they responded to me. That was cool. I love Levenger and while some things, I admit are crazy expensive, it is Christmas, time for overindulgence and spoiling your writer loved ones.They even have a “Bomber Jacket Briefolio” for your writing documents, now that’s cool and a heck of way to honor, protect and elevate your prose.

For the budget conscious, you can also find some lovely Cross pens at office supply stores like Office Depot, Office Max and Staples and me, I’m actually partial to the cheap (but not so much) pens made by Pilot, Dr Grip, he’s got me in his clutches get it?

Some technology is awesome, whether it’s to dictate or a portable keyboard/ workstation and iPads and other tablets abound, but make sure you’re really sure that they’re going to use it before it’s a lot of money wasted. Keep your receipt or give a gift receipt. One thing about writer’s, we can be very picky about our note taking and our typing tools of choice.

Other fun things, spa, massage, neck pillow, cozy throw to write in, lap desk are normal gifts you’d give any other member, we’re not THAT special but here’s a few more writer specific ideas:

Writer Gear – we like touting the fact that we’re writers

Writer Jewelry – The Etsy shops have some awesome writer jewelry items including this Typewriter Necklace

Unless you know the person really, really, well, here’s a couple of things I would refrain from buying outright without specific input:

Planners, Journals and Daytimers (datebooks)

Technology – while computers are AWESOME and needed, and if you really know the person, they are your own offspring or spouse, even if you have funds to burn, be sure the person is using a similar model or version and I know unless you know them VERY well, you likely wouldn’t purchase something so expensive for a stranger, but you never know. As much as I love my IMac, the learning curve and initial transition from PC to Mac was steep and I DO NOT recommend trying to learn one in the middle of a current writing project especially if when you have deadlines.

Honestly, the items above, are like perfume, unless you’ve seen the exact brand they use regularly, I’d just get a gift card as it has to be just right. I actually like journals without lines or wide ruled and most notebooks/journals of any sort are college ruled. I write BIG. See? Kinda picky, I know it’s a gift but you still want it to be utilized, don’t you? But it’s their “write” so ask outright, investigate what their using or get a gift card.

Happy Holidays. Just ask for my address in case you’d like to send me any of the above. 🙂

Disclaimer: Please note that my listing of ANY product or venue in this post does not constitute endorsement of the manufacturer, owner or designer. I also have no compensation agreement NOR affiliate listing for any of the links you decide to click. 

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