Organize. Write. Success! Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 – Week TWO worksheet found here


Last week we took a look at our schedules. You may have some notes about things on there that are not inline with what you really desire to being doing.

  • Be certain you’re laying it all out. Watch out for missing pockets of time that you don’t write out (think of them like the popular weight loss point system, very negative effects when not counted). This is for YOUR eyes ONLY. Who else will see this unless you want them to?

  • In the coming weeks, you will NOT be getting rid of anything you don’t want to. This is all about a closer look, consideration and examination, your attitudes toward what you’re doing and possible shifts to consider and for you to uncover things like, “Oh, I didn’t realize I was doing that.” We get bogged down in doing everything and when we really look, revelation is gained by taking time and the opportunity to examine motives and what’s really happening.

This week is two fold.

In your schedule, if you wrote out ALL that you do, things that waste time and perhaps things that could be delegated or done more efficiently, to things you enjoy…in that:

  1. What are those things that waste time compared to those things you enjoy (if you see nothing you enjoy that’s a HUGE problem) – of your list, pick THREE time wasters and see the handout for this section.
  1. Ask yourself about the following for the things you are not currently enjoying:
  •  Is my heart in this? How do I feel when I get ready to go to this, am sitting in this, or am about to leave this?
  •  Do I really need to do this?
  •  Is there anyone else that can do this?
  •  Can I teach someone to do this instead?
  •  Can I give this up completely, if so what will happen if I do?
  •  Can I live with the result, (giving it up or giving it to someone else)?
  •  Is some self worth wrapped up in doing this?
  •  Is that healthy?
  •  And the most important question, WHY am I doing this?

Can I also recommend you check in with the person this affects (if there is more than just you involved). I know we all know our children and immediate family but you’d be surprised. Ask them: “Do you really want to do this or have you lost interest?”

Could we change this around so that I could do this (insert your “want-to” is) instead?

Sometimes what you feel is important to someone may not be the case and even if people start out completely passionate about a particular project, that feeling may wane and they may be afraid of telling you. They won’t always be aware that “Hey, I hate this too, lets quit it!” People’s tastes change. Don’t be afraid to discuss changing needs, wants and likes/dislikes.

Finally, SELF CHECK! Do you feel you’d find joy (or renew your purpose, etc.) provided everyone else would simply come over to YOUR way of thinking? See the worksheet for more about this.


I’m going to tell you something revolutionary. Your output can be replaced by another human being OR machinery. LOL 🙂 Like how I phrased that? I’m NOT saying you are not wonderful or vitally needed, I’m saying that our worth is so wrapped up in what we do that we think if we drop one or two balls or choose to leave something altogether, the impact will be devastating. Honestly? We may even be afraid to admit that some things might actually  flourish because we have run our course and its just time to move on. NO ONE wants to admit this. Be honest, be truthful. The final truth no one wants to admit, is that it might hurt our ego and our sense of purpose around leaving more than it hurts the organization and the people we leave. Sadly, and this is extreme, they may silently cheer if we bow out AND leaving can sometimes give other people an opportunity to grow and shine but they couldn’t necessarily  because we’re blocking their way a bit.

It was the idea that my output is replaceable that helped me stop saying yes to so many different things. I’m still working on it. I still say yes (only occasionally now) but I’m more cognizant of what saying yes means, and for me, IF I say yes to a request and I try not to because I’m shifting remember, I can’t then later lament to any willing listener and complain and vent to the family about why on earth did I do that. Do not let your worth be so wrapped up in your output that you hang on even past the point you should. That is NOT who we are.

So, lets take a little brain dump.

There are just a few areas listed on the worksheet, add what you want and use additional paper for the brain dump. There will be more depending on your interest. For me, I wrote down some pretty grandiose ideas about a couple of work projects I wanted to implement as well as some lofty ideas/goals for my “Side Hustle” which is my writing. The projects were ones I’d wish we’d implement and perhaps we would under the right person (e.g. a boss) or perhaps they’d be something I’d start on my own if things aligned. To let these “go” (for now) was great. I was never really letting them go. I was putting them on paper and “out there” – out of my head and if/whenever I really wanted to, I can look at them again sometime but they are not for the right now. So list them, then give yourself permission to put them aside.



Next level

Side Passion (hustle)

  • Business Idea

Family obligations

  • Kids
  • Husband
  • Vacation
  • Home improvement projects
  • Parents
  • In-laws

Non profit / Board Service / Church

  • Event
  • Fundraising
  • New program
  • Service

Creative people have so many ideas. It’s overwhelming. Sometimes because we don’t visit with the ideas, our brain just holds them and that can be stifling if you’re just holding something but never moving forward with it. What’s the point of holding it?

Do the brain dump and then answer the questions on the worksheet.

This concludes Week TWO!

See you next week with your next assignment.
Don’t forget IF you complete these worksheets, please with me via e-mail, tag me, or post a tweet.

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