Blog Spotlight Wk 10 – Chelle Ramsey

We’re almost coming to close, just one more author after this weeks post and that is:

Chelle Ramsey

Hello everyone. I’m Chelle Ramsey women’s fiction/inspirational author, playwright, and blogger. My primary purpose for writing is for healing. I began this journey to entertain readers’ emotions. Now I simply want readers to feel empowered, knowing they are not alone on their journey. They can be healed and live victoriously if they believe in themselves and have faith in Almighty God. I want to send a message of healing, deliverance, or self-love at the end of the story. It is imperative we learn to love ourselves and know we can overcome challenges.

Writing is a free-flowing relaxing process for me. I love writing novels because I’m more imaginative and carefree. Soothing sounds streaming from my Spotify playlists or Pandora relaxes me and allow my characters to take over. My preferred writing music is smooth jazz; however, if it’s a love scene Anita Baker, Gerald Levert, or some other R&B love crooners take over. For a hardcore urban scene I definitely bump Tupac.

On the other end of the spectrum for inspirational posts, or scenes with spiritual characters, such as Olivia from The House of BeJeweled series, I tune in to Yolanda Adams or Ben Tankard. My best buddies in the form of juice and cookies or snack bars chill beside me as I write.

When an idea grabs hold of me I usually let it flow onto the computer. I’m a pantser and I love flying by the seat of my pants to see what I crank out next. As time to write presents itself, my muse whispers in my ear and coerces me to grab my laptop. I don’t start with a title or outline, I just began writing what she presses upon my heart. I obediently follow her lead until the creativity trickles to a slow drip before stopping…or my wonderful children and husband come demanding my attention.

There’s nothing like opening a new word document to begin writing. I’m excited to meet new characters, learn their personalities, and tribulations. Throughout the story I become excited over a point I made, a particular style of dialogue between characters, or seeing the progression of my writing style. I find it difficult to end a story, because I’m never ready to say goodbye to my characters.

The last set of novels I created composed The House of BeJeweled series, which I enjoyed and the characters stayed for a while. However, when it was time to say goodbye I was ready to move on to the next writing project.

I caution new writers to have your work professionally edited and hire a professional cover designer. Those were two things I did not do in the onset. After progressing I’ve gone back and found a multitude of editing mistakes, and learned people do judge a book by its cover. I don’t regret a single choice. It’s been a great learning experience and writing journey. Thanks for joining me and I hope to see you again soon.

Undeniably Chelle…

The House of BeJeweled-1

Visit Chelle at her Website, Facebook and follow her on Twitter and read her blog at Liyahmore Publishing

More About Chelle Ramsey

Women’s fiction author and blogger, Chelle Ramsey lives in the metro Atlanta area with her husband and three children. Chelle wants readers to become empowered to rise above life’s adversities, with faith in Almighty God, and belief in themselves. During her “me time,” she becomes enraptured with the enthralling stories of Terry McMillan and James Patterson.

She hosts the annual 20 Days of Love authors’ blogging campaign, March Madness authors’ giveaways campaign, and showcases other authors on her blog at She also blogs for Liyahmore Publishing and Amore Speaks. Her novels can be found online at Chelle Ramsey Amazon.

One thought on “Blog Spotlight Wk 10 – Chelle Ramsey

  1. Tracee,

    Thank you for being gracious enough to host me, and trusting me with your readers. I hope they enjoyed my piece, and I pray abundant blessings for you and them.

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