Author Spotlight Wk 7 – Amy Schisler

Greetings All. Can you believe we’re up to Week 7? Today, we visit with Maryland Author and wine enthusiast:

Amy Schisler

author AmySchisler

I tend to be the most productive in the fall for some reason.  I usually have a story in mind for a while, but the creative juices seem to flow more as soon as a new school year starts for my girls.  When I begin a new book, I always start with a basic storyline and a cast of characters. I know where the book will begin and end, but I’m not one to plot the entire story.  The most important thing for me is to establish the characters.  I do a complete outline of each main person in the story, including their backstory, family history, idiosyncrasies, education, careers, etc.  Once the characters are established, the story really writes itself.  My characters are completely in control.  They drive the story and can even surprise me in the direction they take.  Sometimes I find that a very insignificant character has taken on a life of his or her own and become a major player in the book.  That’s always a lot of fun, especially when I had no idea that it was going to happen.  Those are the characters that I always keep in mind if I decide to someday do a sequel or turn the book into the first in a series.   

I am typically able to write an entire book in about three months but then take another month or so to re-read it and prepare it to be sent to my editor. At the same time, I have three to four other people reading it so that I can get a sense of what readers like, don’t like, or want to see happen with the story.  Their input is invaluable, and I’m always looking for somebody to help with that process.  Once I get the book back from my editor, I usually need another month or so to perfect it before it goes into pre-publishing. That’s when the fun part begins  as I work with the cover design artist, graphic designer, videographer, and photographer to create the cover and marketing materials.  Within less than a year, I usually have a book ready to published.  

whisperingVines-CoverCheck out Amy’s latest title Whispering Vines

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Amy will join moi for a total of 8 romance authors at the Westminster Library, Sunday, May 1, 2016, 2:00 p.m. We’ll discuss all things romance of course but also Writing and Publishing. Be sure to come by if you’ll be in the Carrol County, Maryland area.   Our event follows the RWA DC chapter’s annual Romance Writer’s Retreat!

Westminster library event

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