Author Spotlight Wk 3 – Geri Krotow

This week, we visit with Mystery, Thriller and Romantic Suspense Author

Geri Krotow

Just a little chit chat with Geri Krotow

TRACEE: So Geri, welcome to my little corner office on the Blogosphere. Thank you for appearing this week. As you know, I wanted to do this 11 week Blog Spotlight (because as I’m always fascinated and curious (and desiring) to get into the mind of the writer/creator for his or her stories and soooo, here we go, tell me, how do YOU write? 

GERI: I have to let my story simmer after the characters “show up.” My characters always come first, with the plot working itself out often as I write. Since I write my drafts on Scrivener, this isn’t a problem as I can move the scenes around as needed.

TRACEE: When you get going, after the story has simmered a bit and the characters “show up” as you say, what then excites you the most about the process? Is it the beginning/middle or the end? Tell us why is that?

GERI: It’s always, always the beginning of a story–actually the pre-story. When the vision of my book is perfect in my mind, and I haven’t had to face the reality of what it ends up like on the page. It takes a lot of work to make the page look like the vision I have in my mind.

TRACEE: Tell me about. The beginning is fun, what then is the hardest part of finishing your writing projects?

GERI: I’m always sad to see the story end, but by the time I turn it in to my publisher (I’m traditionally published and deadlines are pretty much written in stone for me), I’ve revised it so much that I am sick of seeing it! 🙂

TRACEE: LOL. I understand. When you’re writing, what is it that helps get you into a writing mood? Do you listen to music, eat junk food, coffee, cigarettes? LOL.

GERI: Because of my publication schedule, I can’t afford to wait to be “in the mood.” I sit my butt down and get the words done. Some days this is easier than others. I like some nice tea when I’m writing, and classical music or silence. As much as I love junk food, it doesn’t love me so in order to stay healthy and be able to keep writing at a decent pace, I can’t rely on the yummies I used to.

TRACEE: What’s your best advice for new authors?

GERI: Read widely across your genre, and please, for the love of God, read outside of your genre, too! Join a professional organization like RWA to help you network and make your game the best it can be. Read. Write, write, write. REVISE. Did I mention read? 🙂

TRACEE: I love looking at pretty writer offices on places like Pinterest and “Googling” writer’s story boards. Romance author, Kaia Danielle shared a pic of her plotting/story board in last week’s post. Where do complete most of your writing?

I’ve been writing for the better part of two decades, published since 2007. I’ve worked in all kinds of places from coffee shops in Moscow, Russia to a trailer park on the Jersey Shore. Today I have my own office, which I forgo if it’s sunny and kind outside, for my patio and laptop. When its super cold out I like to write in front of our fireplace. But I have to say I love working in my office, which I re-did last year, to include a new paint job–“Parakeet.” It’s a delicious green.

Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog, Tracee!


Read and excerpt of Wedding Takedown here.

If you’d like to meet Geri, she will be on a panel with 7 additional authors, including yours truly at the Carroll County Public Library – Westminster Branch, Maryland. Our panel will discuss writing and publishing. Visit our respective pages or my Author Events page to learn more.

Westminster library eventLearn More About Geri, visit her homes on the web:       GeriKrotowPRShot




2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight Wk 3 – Geri Krotow

  1. That’s my process too! It makes my critique group crazy that I write scenes out of order. I have half the story in my head before I write the sequence. Like you said, the characters show up and the plot simmers a while. Glad to know I’m not alone.

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