Will the R.E.A.L AuthorPreneur Please Stand Up?

Taking a brief moment away from my own work (but never too far of course), I am always desiring to assist in the promotion of any new work that is fun or strives to impart something of value for any small business owner/ AUTHORPRENEUR through a satisfying read with a great conclusion.

With so many authors choosing the DIY route, thank heaven for those offering assistance, clarity and how-to information. This author journey is a completely rewarding experience, but not without missteps, road blocks and costly hurdles to constantly deter you and that you MUST be on the look out for. Be sure to check out fellow Authorpreneur and Publisher, Rochelle Carter from Ellechor Media (www.ellechormedia.com).

Her latest program to help you plan for a successful writing career is The Book Business Plan: Discover How to Effortlessly Create Bestselling Books, Build Your Authority, & Start Living The Life of a PUBLISHED Author. Join Now: www.brandyourexpertisewithabook.com
What are you waiting for? Head on over and get started TODAY! (www.brandyourexpertisewithabook.com)

Don’t forget to grab a copy of new release “Will the REAL Authorpreneur Please Stand Up?” by Sharon C. Jenkins, featuring Rochelle and other successful authorpreneurs, HERE (http://amzn.to/1S4xXaY)

REALAuthorpreneurs_SquareSocialMedia (1)

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