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Greetings Everyone!!

I’m really excited to announce that the release of my newest and 7th book, the sequel to Anchored Hearts, is FINALLY HERE.

I hope you are all signed up to come to my Facebook Release Party  and to celebrate the release of Deadly Affections. The party will be on Friday, March 31. The fun starts promptly at 6:30 p.m. EST. Stop in for a bit and say hello or stay and chat with all the authors. The party is from the comfort of your anywhere. Here’s the complete details about the party and the guest author line up. I hope to see you there.


Deadly Affections is available right now for preorder. All you Kindle Lovers will have it on THURSDAY, MARCH 30.


More details will be coming, but be sure to check my Books Page to read the synopsis for Deadly Affections and see what it’s all about!


If you’ve never taken a writing class but always say you want to write a book, how do you expect to learn about “writing a book” and ORGANIZING your ideas if you don’t start somewhere? I’ve been teaching in the Northern Virginia area for almost fourteen years and I have 7 that’s that’s right SEVEN published students. I may have more published authors that have passed by my classroom but I’ll never know as sometimes they move away, publish and don’t tell me they’ve reached their ultimate goal.

I’m asking you and then I’m inviting you, if you’re local, to realize your dream of publication or finally, just get the zany ideas out of your head (onto paper where they make sense) for fun! You can do it, but after you learn a little more about how-to, of course. See my offerings below and before 2018 rolls around I hope to be able to offer both my classes and some additional ones, online. E-mail me if you want to know when that option is available and I’ll be happy to let you know.


In other news, I’ve always been tinkering on the Internet but recently I finally finished my own Book Trailer for my first nonfiction book, entitled Pack Light: Thoughts for the Journey. You can check it out clicking here


Please be sure to check it out and share on your social media.

Pack Light: Thoughts for the Journey book cover

Pack Light is a short read but it could take some time as I call it part journal, part reflection workbook because, after each little lesson, it asks a series of questions meant to offer you the opportunity to dig deeper and think critically.

Here’s the cover AND a little more about my brand new book! The eBook and paperback versions are available now exclusively at 

In case you missed it, listen to my guest appearance on the SOR Magazine’s Writer Cafe podcast. Just click here or copy and past the link in the graphic below.


Also, leading up to the release of Pack Light, I did a special Mini Course. I always wanted to offer a mini course and I hope you like it. Since I’m about to release books 6, Pack Light and Book 7, Organize blog headers 16.jpgDexter’s story (I’ll tell you the title very soon), I thought that if you’d like to tackle a project or even write a book, you’ve got to get some things out of the way, first. I believe there is a book in ALL of us. It’s evident at every signing event and by the sheer number of writers conferences held every year, that the number of people who come up and ask me about writing a book or how I got started, they too desire to write something, organize their thoughts and get the words on paper. SO! I have put some exercises together, blog posts and some worksheets (fun!) to help you get in your brain, release some things that aren’t bringing you closer to your goal and shift toward a project, written or otherwise.

I hope you will learn something. Posts start Monday! Be sure to check my Blog page for the first post and a link to the worksheets. It’s just five weeks of fun!

Be sure to check back soon as I’ll be posting the FIRST chapter of Dexter’s story, right here front and center!

Anchored Hearts – Available Now




Read. Find New Books. Repeat.


 Please, stay a while and see what else is happening.

 Find out what else is new…

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To see the Anchored Hearts  Trailer, visit  Anchored Hearts Video Trailer – My wonderful friend did my video trailer. Be sure to check out how it turned out.

Despite her prestigious professional role, Allontis Baxter’s private life is in shambles. She’s just broken up with her no-good boyfriend, her adopted mother figure is dying in the hospital and now she’s been turned down in an attempt to adopt a child of her own. Plus, Allontis’s old flame Cole Parker has returned to their hometown from New York City, causing her dilemmas to multiply as old feelings are rekindled. What’s a successful and motivated nonprofit career woman to do?

When a series of chance encounters at work fling her into the middle of a mysterious scandal, Allontis realizes she’s caught up in a dangerous game that could send her chaotic life up in flames. Struggling to keep the pieces of her own life together while protecting those she loves, Allontis is forced to confront the true meaning of family and to face some demons of her own.

TraceeG picture 2012

  Just a Tad Bit More About Me…

My name is Tracee and I started writing long ago but only published my very first book at the age of 23 when I won the BET First Time Writer’s Contest. It was awesome and I used that life changing moment to keep going in publishing and doing lots of great things.

Before fiction, I wrote poetry which I felt allowed me to express my feelings about having a disability or life in general and the obstacles and barriers that exist and found it really help me cope. I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy and I use a wheelchair.

In college my poetry has won honorable mentions and has appeared in my campus’s literary magazine. In 2001 after I won the BET contest, I had only written the poetry and I contributed to an online story called Tides. Then, the website mistresses invited others to contribute to the story and after I wrote chapters 8 and 9, and later chapters 11 and 12, both of those contributions were posted and I was elated. I was also hooked on writing fiction. I actually finished the story and submitted “the rest” but as I grew realized that they probably weren’t writing the story for me to finish it. Just one of my many leadership qualities. I saw the rest didn’t post and knew I had to do my own thing.

Family Affairs was the winning submission for BET Books contest and I later went on to write four more stories, Come What May, The One Who Holds My Heart and this year, Anchored Hearts made its debut.

I manage a full time job in social work and I love to speak about the issues that concern people with disabilities and the physical and attitudinal barriers we still face. As a public speaker I have facilitated workshops, conferences and other events with the likes of Martin Luther King, III, former secretary of labor, Alexis Herman, former Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education, Judy Heumann, and been a guest for the radio show On A Roll, with founder and host Greg Smith, he now has a wonderful podcast called The Strength Coach that I listen to frequently. You should check it out too. He’s awesome! In 2015 I was a featured model for the Bold Beauty Project. I, along with 19 other models with disabilities were selected to demonstrate a “bold” beauty while promoting a message of inclusion, determination, integrity and of course beauty. See all the models here: DC’s

I also received coverage about the event in my local newspaper – the Loudoun Times Mirror

Model Tracee Garner bold beauty pic LTM

Thanks for stopping by. My hope is that here you will find out all about my upcoming projects and desire to read them, but that you also will uncover some news and resources you can use to make your own journey in life and in following your dreams, more spectacular. I also do giveaways and have some free goodies every now and then.

Until Next Time, Be Blessed!