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I recently updated one more social media outlet, which one. I’m FINALLY on Instagram! Now all I have to is take some photos and “instapost” my life.

Come Join (follow) me and give me some new stuff to follow = YOU! Can’t wait to check just one more platform, constantly. I mean it.🙂 LOL

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I’ve also been hopping all over the Blogosphere of late. If you missed it, here’s a couple of places I’ve been in recent months.

My Recent Guest Blog Posts

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Author Alicia M. Dean’s Blog – She has lots of topic options but my absolute favorite was posting for what’s called the 10 Moments that Changed My Life. It was so fun.

Lastly, a month ago, I visited Author Tina Glasneck’s Celebrate with a Book with a guest post – April 22 media:

Read. Find New Books. Repeat.


My 11 Week Author Spotlight came and went by super FAST. Thanks all my wonderful Author Friends for joining me here on my web home. I had the best time and I LEARNED so much about being a gracious Blog Host and contributor to get ready for the next fun run. You can learn all about my blog experience at 

11 Week Thank you

Please, stay a while and see what else is happening.

 In Other News…

See below for the Blab I did with Beth Barany talking about Live Events, BUT I was also a guest on Elena Dillon and Kitty Bucholtz’s weekly blab show called, Blabbing About Books. We talked about everything! So fun. I’ve uploaded it to my Youtube Channel for you to check it out:


Click the Blabbing About Books purple graphic above, for the replay of the show to open up in new tab.


Welcome to My Home on the World Wide Web.

Please be sure to read about my latest novel, Anchored Hearts and enjoy your time here.

Recently, I was a guest on my very first BLAB! It was so exciting. IF you don’t know about Blab and Periscope, they are two of the newest and easiest live platforms for interactive videos and to engage your audience. Each has its user friendliness so be sure to check it out. The host of her own weekly Blab show, Beth Barany is a wonderful person, a fellow romance author, writing coach sharing so many awesome resources for writers at her website Writer’s Fun Zone.

Thanks BETH for a wonderful time. Click the graphic below to listen to the show where I talk about putting together live author events.

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Replay of #Blab Weekly Live Chat – #askawritingcoach | @Teegarner-            Live Events to Launch Your Book (recording)


What else can you do here at

See what’s new. Find out what I’m working on. Hint: Sequel to Anchored Hearts comes out (fingers crossed), later in the year.

What’s New?: A Title Showdown

Of late, I’ve been struggling with a title for Dexter’s Story. Dexter is Cole’s brother and his story hopefully will come out this year. I have so many titles rolling around in my head at any given time that years ago, I wrote them all down but I have a dilemma, if you write Inspirational Romantic Suspense, and Christian Fiction that has suspenseful elements, do you go with edgier, mystery inducing titles? Or, do you go with the warm and fuzzy titles? Over the next couple of weeks, please leave a comment on your thoughts about this very question.

Unfortunately, IMHO, there’s still a bit of a stigma with “Christian Fiction” and that is, when you have a title that goes for the warm and fuzzy, and I admit Anchored Hearts goes for the warm and fuzzies but I like it, there was another reason for the title and that’s in the story line obviously, but warm and fuzzy seems to omit the fact that it’s a suspense at the end of the day. Go for the edgy and people may think there’s just too much danger and mayhem to have any warm and fuzzy elements at all which is the heart of romance writing at its core, right? Why can’t you have both?

I say, whatever your pleasure, always be open to giving any title a chance. Here’s some I’ve come up with so far for Dexter’s story and my personal thoughts about SOME of them, keep in mind if you comment about any of them and please do no matter what, I actually like ALL of the titles listed, it’s just picking that RIGHT one that seems at times, so daunting:

The Way Forward

A Warm Embrace  (I’m thinking cover with snow on this one, someone walking or a hand outstretched).

Into Each Life – Sounds good but does seem depressing, no? Same dark cover, maybe not snow but rain and perhaps an umbrella somewhere, duh.

Faithful Hearts – It is the sequel to Anchored Hearts after all

Let Love Return – Sounds very Katheryn Kingsbury

Angels In the Snow – this only recently came to me because I remembered my favorite scene from The Guiding Light as a teenager. I loved Mallet and Harley’s storyline (yes, like you didn’t watch the soaps, too), well I recently found that very segment on what else, YOUTUBE, here it is.

The above are the Warm and Fuzzy, now the edgier:

Strangers In Town

Footsteps in the Dark

Hidden Secrets

It’s clear that the warm and the fuzzy, as far as coming up with more titles are easier for me, so what say you? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

What else is new?

Recently, I added a page for writers of all levels. The Writer’s Resources Page contains some GREAT videos that if you are a writer, aspiring or newbie, they will only encourage you to keep going.

Finally, I just love writing so check out my blog for all kinds of tips for writers (and those just living life) and small business owners alike.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.45.05 AM
Click to see the Anchored Hearts  Trailer

 Anchored Hearts Video Trailer – My wonderful friend did my video trailer. Be sure to check out how it turned out.

Despite her prestigious professional role, Allontis Baxter’s private life is in shambles. She’s just broken up with her no-good boyfriend, her adopted mother figure is dying in the hospital and now she’s been turned down in an attempt to adopt a child of her own. Plus, Allontis’s old flame Cole Parker has returned to their hometown from New York City, causing her dilemmas to multiply as old feelings are rekindled. What’s a successful and motivated nonprofit career woman to do?

When a series of chance encounters at work fling her into the middle of a mysterious scandal, Allontis realizes she’s caught up in a dangerous game that could send her chaotic life up in flames. Struggling to keep the pieces of her own life together while protecting those she loves, Allontis is forced to confront the true meaning of family and to face some demons of her own.

TraceeG picture 2012

  Just a Tad Bit More About Me…

My name is Tracee and I started writing long ago but only published my very first book at the age of 23 when I won the BET First Time Writer’s Contest. It was awesome and I used that life changing moment to keep going in publishing and doing lots of great things.

Before fiction, I wrote poetry which I felt allowed me to express my feelings about having a disability or life in general and the obstacles and barriers that exist and found it really help me cope. I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy and I use a wheelchair.

In college my poetry has won honorable mentions and has appeared in my campus’s literary magazine. In 2001 after I won the BET contest, I had only written the poetry and I contributed to an online story called Tides. Then, the website mistresses invited others to contribute to the story and after I wrote chapters 8 and 9, and later chapters 11 and 12, both of those contributions were posted and I was elated. I was also hooked on writing fiction. I actually finished the story and submitted “the rest” but as I grew realized that they probably weren’t writing the story for me to finish it. Just one of my many leadership qualities. I saw the rest didn’t post and knew I had to do my own thing.

Family Affairs was the winning submission for BET Books contest and I later went on to write four more stories, Come What May, The One Who Holds My Heart and this year, Anchored Hearts made its debut.

I manage a full time job in social work and I love to speak about the issues that concern people with disabilities and the physical and attitudinal barriers we still face. As a public speaker I have facilitated workshops, conferences and other events with the likes of Martin Luther King, III, former secretary of labor, Alexis Herman, former Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education, Judy Heumann, and been a guest for the radio show On A Roll, with founder and host Greg Smith, he now has a wonderful podcast called The Strength Coach that I listen to frequently. You should check it out too. He’s awesome! In 2015 I was a featured model for the Bold Beauty Project. I, along with 19 other models with disabilities were selected to demonstrate a “bold” beauty while promoting a message of inclusion, determination, integrity and of course beauty. See all the models here: DC’s

I also received coverage about the event in my local newspaper – the Loudoun Times Mirror

Model Tracee Garner bold beauty pic LTM

Thanks for stopping by. My hope is that here you will find out all about my upcoming projects and desire to read them, but that you also will uncover some news and resources you can use to make your own journey in life and in following your dreams, more spectacular. I also do giveaways and have some free goodies every now and then.

Until Next Time, Be Blessed!